6 Goal Zero Yeti Alternatives

I have been using Goal Zero Yeti 400 for almost a year now the truth is that I am a great fan of this portable solar generator. However, there are other devices too that provide the same features and have the same abilities. Therefore, I thought of sharing some of the best alternatives to Goal Zero Yeti which you might like.

So, what are the 6 best alternatives to Goal Zero Yeti 400? The six best alternatives to Goal Zero Yeti 400 are-

  • Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500
  • OKPRO Backup Power Supply Portable Power Station, 540Wh
  • SUAOKI 500Wh Power Station
  • Sungzu Portable Power Station 500W
  • AIMTOM 540Wh Portable Power Station
  • ROCKPALS 500W Portable Power Station

All the above solar power stations are the best alternatives to Goal Zero yeti 400. However, you can always go for Yeti 400 for enjoying the most advanced features.

Go through the below details about all 6 power stations in detail.

6 Alternatives To Goal Zero Yeti

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500

jackery portable solar generator

Jackery power stations have been providing portable green power solutions to travelers and explorers since their inception in 2012. This solar power station is versatile and can be used to provide power to almost all kinds of devices that used power less than 500 Wh like small TVs, blenders, a pellet smokers.

On camping, the Jackery 500 can be of more use. You can use it to charge all your devices like cameras, smartphones, and laptops. Devices like car coolers, car vacuum cleaners, and air pumps can also be used by connecting with its AC power ports.

The best feature of a portable solar power station that I like most, you can charge it anywhere. Suppose you have gone camping for 3-4 days and there is no power, how could you be able to connect in case of any emergency. You need your phone to be charged and it is better if you could have an option of lighting in your tent.

You can easily charge the power station through the sun, your carport, and an Ac wall outlet. If you charge through the recommended solar panel (Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar panel), it takes 14 hours to get full charges whereas through carport it takes 16 hours and through Ac wall outlet 8 hours.

If you have an RV, you mount the solar plate on the top of the RV and charge your power station during the daytime while moving from one place to another. Later, you can use the stored power to light up your RV, run an RV fan, and charging your gadgets on the move.

This power station is also useful for an outdoor grill party, you can power up a pellet smoker, small blender, small ice shaver, and a projector to watch a movie with your friends and family.

The device just weighs 13.32 lbs and therefore can be carried very easily.

You can also use this power station as a backup generator and use it at your home during power outages to lighten up your home and powering your other devices.

You can get this solar generator at on Amazon.

OKPRO Backup Power Supply Portable Power Station, 540Wh

There are some of the features in OKPRO Portable Power Station that make it unique and one of the alternatives to the Goal Zero Yeti. What do we exactly want from a power station? Long-lasting battery.

The power station comes with a battery management system (BMS) for better utilization of the battery. This protects the battery from the short circuit, over current, overload, overheating, and overvoltage.

OKPRO is not only eco-friendly but also provides Pure Sine Wave outputs, even your sensitive electronic devices operate without any problem with the intelligent CPU control mode. Most of the devices that we use require a stable power supply and this solar power station is known for its stable AC power supply to devices like TV, small blenders, pellet grills rated under 500 watts.

You can charge the device in 3 different ways. This solar power station requires 6-7 hours of time to fully charge via DC adapter and the same time through 100-200 watts 18v Solar power panel and 12V/24V DC car charger.

Devices Back Up Time
PC + Display 2-4 hours
LED 180 hours
Mobile Charger 108 hours
Laptop 14 hours
Fan (50W) 11 hours
LCD TV (32”) 7.5 hours
Energy Saving Lamp 27 hours

Apart from this, the power station has a warranty period of 1 year and 24/7 customer service support. You can easily get this OKPRO Portable Power Station at Amazon.

Always remember not to keep the device near the high temperature or in the sun. Also, keep it away from rain and water.

SUAOKI 500Wh Power Station

This is not just a solar power station, it’s a monster with 137700mAh of the battery providing 500 Wh. The battery is protected with a Battery management system (BMS) and therefore, works better in the safe operating area. It automatically stops working when the load gets outside the operating area.

You don’t have to worry about the noise and fumes that you always get in a gas traditional gas or diesel generator. The device is clean and doesn’t produce any sound which makes it best suited for camping sites, outdoor parties, and road trips.

The G500 has a type C output port that can charge your QC 3.0 compatible devices very fast. However, you won’t be able to fast charge the devices that follow type C PD protocol but they can be charged normally.

SUAOKI 500 is solar chargeable and therefore, you can use it as a power pack for RV’s, campers, and ocean anglers. The 500-watt hour is featured with a lithium battery for storage of an all-day-long power supply in a portable case.

The device is well used as a personal power generator when combined with a foldable SUAOKI 100-watt solar panel. Another feature is the Maximum Power Point Tracking technology that increases the efficiency of solar charging.

You can use sophisticated devices like CPAP machines if you have breathing problems without any interference. The Pure Sine Wave feature allows 300 Watt of uninterrupted AC output which makes this power station suitable for sophisticated devices like CPAP devices, high-end speakers, and computers.

Apart from all the above features, you can charge this power station in 3 ways i.e, by sunlight (with the use of a compatible solar panel), AC wall unit, and 12V lighter socket in your car.

This power station also comes with a 12V carport to use for your car devices. You also get a warranty of 24 months followed by 24/7 friendly customer service. All of these features make it a good alternative to Goal Zero yeti 400.

You can get SUAOKI 500 watt solar power generator at Amazon.

Devices Back-Up Time
Smartphone 40+ Recharges
Macbook Air (laptop) 6+ hours
Mini Cooler 9+ hours
Drone 15+ Recharges
JBL Go Speaker 120+ hours
LED TV 55” 2.5 hours
Light 80+ hours

Sungzu Portable Power Station 500W

The Sungzu Portable solar power generator is well known for its 156,000mAh/3.7V battery capacity. This portable power station can be easily used for providing power back-up for homes and shops, outdoors, medical equipment, and construction sites.

You can charge this device in just 5-10 hours. When you charge it through a solar panel (Sungzu SD130 solar panel), it takes only 8-10 hours for getting fully charged whereas, with a wall socket, it gets charged in just 5.5-7 hours.

This power backup device is manufactured in such a way that you can use 2 solar panels in series if you want to charge the device in less time. However, the solar panel is not provided with the device, you need to buy it separately.

The 500 watt is a high storage capacity which makes most of the small devices work well this device. You can use Sungzu for charging and using TV, RV, laptop, iPad, phone, coffee machines, drones, CPAP, refrigerator, power banks, hand electrical tools, and many other small electrical devices.

The device provides clean power and doesn’t produce noise and pollution which we don’t need during outdoor activities, parties, fishing, or hunting.

Another feature I like is the multi AC DC USB outlet. The 2 AC outlets are of 110 V, 4 DC ports of 12V, 1 DC port of 19V, 3 USB ports of 5V, 1 fast-charging USB port of 9V, and also features a display screen which shows the battery status.

However, there is one thing that I didn’t like in Sungzu solar power station is that there is no option to charge through the carport.

Devices Back up Time
Smartphone 60+ Recharges
Laptops 11+ Recharges
Tablet 14+ Recharges
Drone 38+ Recharges
Fan 22 hours
Refrigerator 28 hours
TV 11 hours
Lights 33 hours

You can return the product if you don’t like in 30 days. However, you get 18 months of warranty and lifetime customer support. Get Sungzu Portable solar power generator on Amazon.

AIMTOM 540Wh Portable Power Station

AIMTOM 540 watt solar generator

The AIMTOM 540W portable power station is best suited for those who want light weighted portable power station on the go. The device weighs only 11lbs which makes it 20 percent lighter than other devices having the same capacity.

Another feature is its compact design (25% compact than other devices) and the carry-in feature. So, if you are the guy who loves camping, fishing and hunting then this one is best suited for you.

You must be tired of running cables when arranging a BBQ party for friends and family. You can use AIMTOM to power up your pellet smoker, lighting, grill, and sound system without any issue as you will find 2 AC outlets and 3 LED lighting strips.

This solar power generator is also equipped with a LED display which makes you monitor your usage and the estimated time you can run all your attached devices.

The 3 way charging feature enables you to charge the lithium battery in whichever way you want. Either connect it to your wall outlet, 12V car outlet, or use the solar panel, it won’t take more time to charge itself.

The device has an inbuilt MPPT feature that makes the device safe for all electronic devices and also fast charges. So, all your devices are protected against overcharging, overloading, overheat, and short circuit.

If you are a digital nomad then you would certainly like this power station as you can charge your laptops, use gaming consoles, charge phones, and drones, and use PC and TV whenever you want. You can up to 9 devices at the same time.

Devices Back up Time
Phones 90+ Recharges
Drones 16+ Recharges
Laptop 11.5 hours
TV 6.5 hours
Mini Refrigerator 8 hours

You can get this compact monster at on Amazon.

ROCKPALS 500W Portable Power Station

500 watt solar generator Rockpals

If you are a hiker, camper, or a wilderness backpacker, you need some of the devices that can be used in emergencies. You must be having GPS, camera, USB chargers, radio, Laptop, and other devices that you can use if you get stuck somewhere.

The first thing that you would need is a power device that can charge all of your devices. However, you can charge some of your devices through the car or RV outlet but they are not so quick and therefore you need an external power source for all of that.

Here comes the use of a power generator, especially with a 3-way charging option – wall outlet, solar, and carport. ROCKPALS is one of the companies that are into the manufacturing of clean and efficient devices.

Unlike a gas generator, a solar power station doesn’t produce noise and fumes. You can use the devices anywhere either you are traveling on an RV or camping. A compatible solar panel can charge the device on the go which you can use for lighting and charging all your devices.

The one feature that makes ROCKPAL power station unique among the similar products is the continuous output of 500 watt AC while others in the same range provide 300 watt AC only. This makes the device suitable for many electrical appliances like pellet grills, pellet smokers, blenders, bulbs, Cameras, drones, and other small appliances.

You can fully charge it through a 100-watt solar panel, a wall socket, or a 12V car charger in just 6-7 hours.

The LCD display provided shows AC output power, battery capacity, temperature, and alarm for battery failure. So, whenever your battery fails you provide the required battery output, the alarm siren goes off.

Apart from the LCD display, it also features a bright emergency light which is good for outdoor illumination.

Another feature is the Pure sine wave technology for the safety of sensitive devices like laptops and smartphones and reduces electrical noise.

The battery management system (BMS) provides safety against short circuits, voltage control, and temperature control. You also get a warranty of 18 months and lifetime friendly customer support.

Devices Back Up time
Smartphones 58+ Recharges
Laptops 7-8 times
Mini Refrigerator 5-6 hours
Mini Projector 6-7 hours

Therefore, if you have devices that require continuous 500-watt output then ROCKPALS 500W Portable Power Station is the best fit for you. Get this device at on Amazon.

How to calculate the working times for Your Device?

Working time=1010Wh* 0.85 / operate power of your device.

For example, suppose the power consumption of your device is 50W, working time will be 1010wh*0.85/50w=17.17 hrs


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